Author and Illustrator Betsy James

MessyStudio copyOn World-making

Cada cabeza es un mundo: every mind is a world. The writer-artist’s  calling is to  invite, cajole, allow that messy mind-world to find a shape on paper. What are the roads to worlds?

Soul Boat Guadalupe, Betsy James

On Visions

We love the images that come to us—even when we don’t understand them. In fact maybe we love the half-seen, half-understood best, because mystery gives us room to play. Are these visions personal or universal?

Nondany's Mouse, Betsy James

On Her Books

In print now, our visions are in other hands and minds. Readers will find paths of metaphor, meaning and story much different from the author’s, because they bring to their reading the fullness of their own lives. What will they discover?

Boots, Betsy James

On Walking All Day on Stone:

Print is magic. But we must not forget the world, the living body that we and our magic and evil and compassion are a part of. Life seems most vivid in the desert. Or is it simply that walking makes us feel most alive?

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2 thoughts on “Author and Illustrator Betsy James”

  1. Betsy–This is truly awesome! Love the ambiance in which you work!
    Am going to call Bookworms and other bookstores to get copies of the books you suggested and one of yours–“Listening at the Gate”. Fun yesterday! Cheers! Shelley

    1. wondering what books you suggested Shelley read besides your “Listening at the Gate”?? Love your tale and finally explained that ancho … . meant “collecting men” …and why the young people were somewhat shocked or perplexed with your explanations.

      Experiences and writing of them – and I have so many tales to tell, yet to get started with such a beautiful flow as you have.
      Imagine my adventures with textiles in Japan, staying in ger camps in Mongolia; then 2013 S E Asia in between hurricanes in Vietnam and meeting with you that want to go into tourism at a Cambodian College.
      A year ago South African wild life safaris and later how I question how the dentist who wanted Cecil for a trophy – what causes one to kill or others to help on their game hunting; or India and Nepal before the earthquake in March; or the Baltic and Russia with all its fascinating history and more important conversations and seeking history for greater understanding with today’s global intrigues.
      Love your ‘office’ and creative resources..


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Betsy James On Writing, World-making, and Walking on Stone